Design and Build

Working directly with Clients, Architects or Engineers, Heatwave offers a turnkey operation from the concept development of client mechanical building system requirements to installation and commissioning.

A service contract for the maintenance of installed systems further guarantees the ongoing operation of plant and equipment.

Our team of professional engineers and project managers move your project through the delivery process.

  • Preliminary meetings
  • Specification development, preliminary design
  • Developed design specification and drawings
  • Estimating and quotation
  • Construction
  • Commissioning and handover

On behalf of CRLL I want to express my gratitude to Heatwave for the effort to design and install the tunnel ventilation for the open day.  A great reminder of how much we can achieve when everyone is working well together!

CRL C1 Construction Manager | City Rail Link
Heatwave Mechanical

Mechanical system specification design, engineering and detailing.

Our experienced team contribute at each stage of the project development. From system concept design and budgeting to detailed engineering design and construction drawings. Our team can manage the building consent and issue of producer statements.

Mechanical system specification design, engineering and detailing | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

BIM 360 and 3D Revit

Clients are recognising that BIM, digital modelling of a building is beneficial for both the construction of a building and the further down track maintenance and modifications. Heatwave’s preferred delivery mechanisms are through a collaborative design platform, where services integration and construction quality are controlled.

  • To BIM Level of Development (LOD) 500
BIM 360 and 3D Revit | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance


Schools, homes, restaurants, hospitals, commercial buildings, religious and entertainment centres have all benefited from a Heatwave heating installation. Whether the installations are stand alone or part of a larger contract, Heatwave offers a variety of design and install systems that can be adapted to most situations; reverse cycle air conditioning, gas based systems, hot water based radiant systems and gas insert fires. Our factory facilities compliment the talented project management, design, drafting and trade skills to deliver the appropriate solution for any given site.

Heating | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance


Air systems for comfort ventilation, for kitchen extract, extract of objectionable odours, car park extract, clean air and environmental, cellars, factories, laboratories, surgical rooms; if it is air movement, we handle it. Filtered air movement for all aspects of the building services industry.

Ventilation | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

Air Conditioning

Climate control of internal environments and critical spaces is a specialist service. From large multi storied central plant air conditioning to room air conditioners, Heatwave has installed significant systems in some prestigious and difficult situations.

Air Conditioning | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance


Where specific cooling is required for special processes or environments, Heatwave seeks sustainable, value driven solutions that economically meet client specifications.

Cooling | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance


Global warming has presented the refrigeration industry with many challenges, motivating the move to new alternative low GWP and low ODP refrigerants to minimise the use of ozone depleting and synthetic greenhouse gases. When looking for unique cooling solutions getting specialist advise is important.

Refrigeration | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

Gas Services

Heatwave qualified gas service technicians, operating as part of the Heatwave Maintenance team, provide gas services expertise for industrial and commercial clients. Craftsman and registered gasfitters install, service and repair, space and water heating, foodservice, natural gas and LPG equipment. Ongoing professional development and training assures that the gas engineers are kept abreast of developments and safety concerns in the energy work sector.

Gas Services | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

Specialist Gases

Heatwave have developed significant expertise in Medical Gases, we offer Medgas reticulation and installation, as part of a package to Hospital and Educational Facilities.

Specialist Gases | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

Sheet metal fabrication and pipe fitting

Expertise in sheet metal fabrication, mig, tig and arc welding means that many solutions are found in-house and goods can be customised to client requirements. The well-equipped Heatwave factory provides the foundation for providing a fast, efficient service to their customers. Quality and delivery can be controlled and coordinated to meet project deadlines.

Sheet metal fabrication and pipe fitting | Heatwave Mechanical and Maintenance

Your team did a fantastic job for the open day as you have for the C1 project to date.

Deputy Project Director | Link Alliance
Heatwave Mechanical